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Our Technology

Sirona’s proprietary technology combines focal mapping  and ablation capability in a single catheter improving the safety, efficacy and speed of cardiac ablation procedures. Sirona’s patented catheter is differentiated from current products in the market by focusing the electrical energy  on the intended target tissue, minimizing delivery of energy to surrounding tissue or blood. Sirona’s Multi-Modal catheter incorporates an open electrode array with user-adjustable diameter, eliminating the need for multiple catheters with different array sizes. The Multi-Modal catheter employs an innovative rotation mechanism allowing precise placement of the catheter array for pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) ensuring predetermined, optimal lesion overlap to ensure maximum lesion durability. 

Our Solutions

SMT Single-Point Ablation and Focal Mapping Catheter

Dual Energy Source (PF or RF)

Low-Power, Low-Irrigation, Temperature-Controlled Ablation Catheter

Flexible Construction to Improve Contact Stability

Focal Mapping and Ablation in a Single Catheter 

SMT Multi-Modal Mapping and Ablation Catheter

Dual Energy Source (PF or RF)

One-Shot Solution for Pulmonary Vein Isolation (PVI)

User Adjustable Array Diameter

Innovative Rotation Mechanism to Ensure Optimal Lesion Overlap 

SMT Focal Mapping System and Software

Rapid Identification of Focal Arrhythmia Sources 

Easy Integration with EP Recording Systems

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